Traviata Experience - The Show

La Traviata Experience has a unique characteristic: it is an emotional journey between opera and prose. The three performers, who sing some of the most important scores of Verdi's masterpiece set in Paris, are completely immersed in their roles. The duets and the great arias sung by Violetta, Alfredo and Germont are performed with a cinematic approach to the study of relationships between characters and a special attention for truthfulness and adherence. The setting features original scenery and costumes taken care of down to the finest detail. The arias "Sempre libera degg'io", "Parigi o cara", "Di Provenza il mare, il suol", "Addio del passato" and the immortal "Amami Alfredo" are performed with rigorous devotion, both from the musical and the vocal aspect. And all this within the framework of Margherita Gauthier's story, recounted in this original script by director and performer Sarah Biacchi, who breathes new life into the characters through her memories, interacting with them throughout the show and revealing, during her monologues, parts of the story left untold, as well as hidden thoughts, pains, joys, doubts and decisions. A side plot that amplifies understanding and is performed for the first time in Rome in English. La Traviata Experience, beyond being just a show, presents itself as a true experience, different from any other in terms of enjoyability, dramatic intensity, musical accuracy, clarity and conciseness of the play. A theatrical gem not to be missed during your stay in Rome.

La Traviata Experience is performed every Friday, in the very heart of Rome, in a time slot between 7.00 and 8.30 p.m., following the Central European custom. The show lasts for 80 mins and is performed on Friday starting April 2018. The venue holds 99 seats and is easily accessible, only a few steps away from Termini train station and via Veneto.

​For large groups we may reserve a private performance.